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The Extended HEALTH MOT is for people who haven´t had lab analyses for a couple of years. The purpose is to make sure your liver is detoxing fine, your blood cells are normally distributed, and your metabolism is not wreaking havoc. The total value of this Extended HEALTH MOT is 156,80 Euros. Your price is only 140 Euros.

You will get clinical tests and a 60-minute health consultation prior to your lab tests. Furthermore, we will have another 30-minute health consultation for the revision of your lab analyses, to discuss further necessary steps, treatment and information on how to supplement and on how to adapt your lifestyle, if necessary. I will also give you your lab results and other necessary information, via email and printed.

The Extended HEALTH MOT includes:

  • A 60-minute appointment for performing clinical tests and identifying your personal needs
  • Clinical tests in my therapy room
    • Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI
    • Blood Pressure and Pulse
    • Urinalysis (pH, sugar, protein, blood, leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, specific density, ketones, bilirubin)
  • Lab analyses
    • Complete Blood Count (lab analyses)
    • Basic Liver values (lab analyses)
    • Blood Sugar (lab analysis)
    • Blood fat values (lab analyses)
    • An individualised document for getting your blood sampling done
  • A 30-minute appointment for the revision of your lab analyses in my therapy room
  • The results of your clinical tests and your lab results, via email and printed
  • Further information on how to supplement and on how to adapt your lifestyle, if necessary

In comparison to the Basic HEALTH MOT, the Extended HEALTH MOT additionally checks for your Blood Sugar and your Blood fat values (Cholesterol – Total, HDL, LDL – and Triglycerides).



Upon ordering the Full HEALTH MOT, we will arrange for a 60-minute health consultation in my therapy room, during which I will perform clinical tests on you to shed light on your current health status. Also, I will assess your general health, diet, lifestyle, pain level, or your medical history.

After our first meeting, you will get an individualised document to get you a blood sampling in the closest place to your home. This is usually done in Barbate, Chiclana, or Cádiz. Your lab results are usually ready 48 hours after blood sampling.

When the lab results are ready, we will meet together in my therapy room for another 30-minute appointment to revise your lab values. Furthermore, I will advise you which lifestyle changes you might need to improve your lab values and thus your health in the future.

During our appointment, you will get a copy of your lab analyses.

After our appointment, I will send you a copy of your lab analyses and – if necessary – further necessary information on how to improve your health in the future.

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