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CHECK-UPs are bundles of different common lab tests that are great for general health screenings. For example, some CHECK-UPs focus on your blood fat values or your metabolism, whereas others check on your blood cells or your liver function. CHECK-UPs are great for clients that had regular, general health screenings in the past years.

For example, the Extended CHECK-UP comprises a test of your Liver values, Blood fat values, your Blood Sugar level, and a Complete Blood Count. The Full CHECK-UP, which costs you only a 100 ,- euros, includes all these parameters plus blood sugar and thyroid hormones.


This is an overview of different CHECK-UPs. Please click on a product for more information.

Each CHECK-UP includes:

  • The lab analyses that are included in the specific CHECK-UP
  • An individualised document for getting your blood sampling done
  • A 30-minute appointment for the revision of your lab analyses
  • Your lab results, via email and printed
  • Further information on how to supplement and on how to adapt your lifestyle, if necessary

What happens once you order a CHECK-UP?

Upon ordering a CHECK-UP, you will get an individualised document to get you a blood sampling in the closest place to your home. This is usually done in Barbate, Chiclana, or Cádiz. Your lab results are usually ready 48 hours after blood sampling.

When the lab results are ready, we will meet together in my therapy room for a 30-minute appointment to revise your lab values. Furthermore, I will advise you which lifestyle changes you might need to improve your lab values and thus your health in the future.

During our appointment, you will get a copy of your lab analyses.

After our appointment, I will send you a copy of your lab analyses and – if necessary – further information on how to improve your health in the future.