Hi, I am Sebastian, German medical practitioner ("Heilpraktiker“)
and certified naturopath ("profesional naturópata") in Spain.
Since July 2022, I am working in my
therapy room in Saint-Yrieix la Perche, Limousin, France.

Sebastian Prall - Naturopath - Heilpraktiker - Naturópata

Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Prall

My treatment concept takes into account you as a person, your body, mind, and soul. A detailed anamnesis and diagnosis, as well as lab tests are the basis for an individual, holistic treatment of your individual health issue that meets your needs. I also offer house visits.

I can be your health coach. I am an expert on various health topics and I have got broad knowledge of human anatomy, as well as various syndromes, health issues, and diseases. In my work I am combining conventional medicine and natural treatments. I offer health consultations in my therapy room in Saint-Yrieix la Perche, Limousin, France.

I am a biochemist and molecular biologist and hold a doctorate in natural sciences, too. For more than 10 years, I have been working in cancer research. When I finally realised that I had to change my path, so that other people could benefit directly from my work, I became a naturopath.

"I came with the same diagnose from three different conventional doctors
They all said: "Nothing can be done, you´ll have to live with it".

But this was not true: after receiving treatment from Sebastian,
the quality of my daily life has changed tremendously.

Thank you for that, Dr. Sebastian!"

Edyta N.


I can help you with a wide range of different health issues. For a list of health issues I can help you with, please click here. However, be aware that I am not limited to the health issues mentioned in this list at all and you should always ask me if I can help you, no matter what your health issue is! Therefore, please contact me directly here.

I see myself as a health coach, which is more than just a medical practitioner. Therefore, my main focus is on you, your personal development as well as your health improvements. My treatment concept takes into account your health issue, as well as you as a person, your body, mind, and soul.

I am offering detailed anamnesis, detailed physical examination, and I can arrange for lab tests. If you need me to, I also do house visits. I offer health consultations in ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, FRANÇAIS y ESPAÑOL!

"Unlike your doctor, who only has 10 minutes for you on each visit, 

I take as much time as it takes to solve your health issue."

Taking enough time for you enables me to do a detailed diagnosis. A detailed anamnesis and diagnosis is the basis for an individual, holistic treatment that meets your needs. By combining natural and conventional medicine even complex health issues can be greatly improved.

In order to meet the goal of a holistic treatment, my treatment concept can involve other health professionals, for example manual therapists, or psychologists. I am closely collaborating with a network of excellent health professionals. I believe that together, we are more than just the sum of its parts.



I would be more than happy to welcome you to a private meeting in my therapy room in Saint-Yrieix-la Perche in the (87) Limousin. Here I do health consultations, detailed anamnesis, detailed physical examination, nutritional advice, holistic treatments and health coaching. I also offer house visits and I can arrange for lab tests.


As an addition to our personal appointments, I offer follow-up support via telephone or Skype. Like that we can discuss lab results without meeting in person or keep in touch when you are abroad.

If you aren´t my client yet, I am happy to help you on the basis of a recent medical diagnosis. I offer expert health consultations and health-related coaching via telephone or Skype. Please be aware that, according to good medical practice, I don´t do remote diagnostics on the phone or online.

"I feel very comfortable with you 
in your practice
and you are very knowledgeable."



Half an hour consultation (30 minutes) costs 50 €


Lab tests are often the basis for a correct diagnosis. Performing lab tests allows me to exclude things and to confirm a suspected diagnosis. It is vital that you get a correct diagnosis of your health issue, so that I can advise on the correct treatment. Only if the diagnosis has been made correctly, I am able to choose the best working measures, actions and drugs to improve your specific health issue.

Lab tests are done in cooperation with an excellent laboratory in Saint Yrieix la Perche. Laboratory testing can be done from skin smears, blood, urine, or faeces. Usually, it only takes one or two days until the results from the lab are back.

For a list of different lab tests, please click here.

“It really is a pity you can´t be my GP 
around the corner back in Germany"


Health screenings are of tremendous importance for my daily work. As important as lab results are for a correct diagnosis, the interpretation of lab results is the most critical part when deciding for a correct treatment. Often only the interpretation of different lab results, in combination with my patient´s medical history and anamnesis leads to the right diagnosis.

This is why rather than just relying on a single lab results, I am doing complex health screenings for my clients.

Health screenings can be directly purchased on this website. For a list of different health screenings, please click here.