Health screenings are great to make sure you are fine. They are also able to discover potential health issues before they actually become a problem for you. Sometimes, health screenings lead to an early disease detection, which raises your chances of receiving an adequate and successful treatment straight away, before things are getting more complicated.

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There are 3 types of health screenings:

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Common laboratory TESTs are basic lab analyses of your blood cells, vitamins, hormones, or your metabolism. Common laboratory tests are great to check on an already known specific health problem.

CHECK-UPs are bundles of different common lab tests that are great for general health screenings. For example, some CHECK-UPs focus on your blood fat values or your metabolism, whereas others check on your blood cells or your liver function. CHECK-UPs are great for clients that had regular, general health screenings in the past years.

Health MOTs are more advanced CHECKUPs that include lab tests in combination with clinical tests in a prior health consultation, which are performed before you are actually getting your lab tests done. Health MOTs are great to check on your health, especially if you haven´t had any general health screenings in the past years.

All health screenings comprise:

  • Blood sampling
  • Lab analysis
  • A 30-minute appointment for the revision of lab analyses
  • Your lab results in a printed form

Depending on your results, you will also get further written information on your individual diagnosis, on how to supplement, and on how to adapt your lifestyle (diet, exercise, and relaxation) to your specific health issue.